A letter from Hana – Runner and Race Reporter Extraordinaire

For the last 8 years I have been a member of Truro Running Club and have worn the blue and yellow vest with pride in Cornwall, out of county and in Europe. I have been mistaken in the Midlands for Sphinx AC runner who share the same colour way, but the word “TRURO” has always brought positive comments…….or “You’re a long way from home”. It has made me feel part of the running community with strangers always willing to chat with me on the start line of all the races I have entered.

I have run 169 races.

8 of them being Marathons

74 Half marathons

The rest varying from 4 to 20 miles in length.

I have pounded tarmac, trudged through mud, waded through and sat in water, climbed stiles, dodged spittle, snot rockets and traffic. I have offended a few and amused the many by my tongue in cheek race reports, where I have almost cost the club a visit to court for trademark infringements when reviewing the toilets provided which are portable.

I have spent somewhere in the region of the cost of a small car (second hand and in very good condition) in entry fees, flights x 4 European destinations plus hotels stayed in. Oh and then there are the running shoes, on and off road, good fit, poor fit, not cushioned enough, leggings, shorts, longer shorts, socks too large then smaller, kit to meet race kit lists and never really used. Massage tools of torture and toe nails that have protested and fallen off.

I have taken home copious amounts of race mementoes including a garden folding chair, a calculator for the visually impaired, rice pudding, custard, towels, umbrellas, china mugs and many T-shirts some of which I cannot part with.

I have won or come runner up in my age category numerous times and have I am sorry to say, thrown away all but a couple of the trophies I received into recycling. Things improved though, when the plastic/wooden trophies turned into bottles of wine (apart from the first Falmouth Half Marathon where the wine wasn’t even fit for cooking).

My very last Race the Worcester Half Marathon gave me my first cash prize, which was amazing.

So what is the point of this post I hear you ask? Has the “old Croc” decided to come out of “race report” retirement? Sadly the answer to this is “No”. The “Old Croc” has been informed that she requires a NEW HIP, a new right hip, so running has ceased! Running retirement has started.

A new hip is not a viable option for me at the moment so I am trying to retrain my thoughts when looking out over beautiful countryside from “wouldn’t that be a great place for a run” to “maybe I should walk there sometime”.

I am gradually working through my large collection of “CD’s” (for the younger readers, these are round plastic discs with music stored on them that you insert into a CD player….ask your parents to explain further) whilst utilising a static bike in the works Gym. Maybe if I can get my leg over the large frame of my hybrid road bike (I’m trying to persuade my husband I need a new better fitting bike) I might cycle around Cornwall and beyond to get my endorphin kick that I am missing so badly.

So I donate to the club, my two well used but in good condition TRC running vests that have covered many miles in, as an aged, bad tempered, menopausal Old Croc, who will not be renewing her membership in the New Year. I wish you all continued success and may your hips, knees, toes, backs serve you well.

Cheers Hana

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Ok, I gave up finding links to old race reports at this point. There are loads more for you to find on this site if you search hard enough.

Thank you Hana for all the race reports, your company and the joy and enthusiasm that you brought to the club. You will be missed.

– Colin Bathe – TRC Chair