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Probus 10k start line, 1011
On your marks! Probus 10k, 2011

Probus 10k, Sunday 11th September 2011

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Smell the coffee...

Ah, it’s 7am the bed feels really cosy and it’s Probus 10K day. Cue, roll over and go back to sleep. 2hrs later, no pre race nerves, the coffee percolator is purring in the background and 8 rather large “Tesco’s Finest” croissants are warming up nicely in the oven.”Terrible choice of pre race food” I hear you say…..And so late in the day with only 1hr 30 before the start, what is this woman thinking of?” Her stomach of course and good comfort food on a lazy Sunday morning.

It’s not a problem…………………..I’m not racing today.!!!!

Does it feel sinful? Slightly, but it’s daughter’s last weekend at home before moving to Leeds to do her masters, so please forgive me for not running today. Husband-at-home instead took us out for a great, if very windy, walk along the cliffs near Fowey and lunch in a pub. I did think of you all as I stood at the top of the tower at Gribbin Head, being buffeted by gale force winds.

Julie soon text me to say she had come 3rd in her age group….Congratulations old girl. And what’s this….TRC ladies won the ladies team and I’ve missed out on a trophy once again. Well done to you all.

So all in all:

  • Toilets…no idea what they were like but the one’s I used in the pub where I had lunch could have been better.
  • Parking..probably good, but I was parking where i was clamped a couple years ago, so I had to read the list of charges very carefully.
  • Goodie bag…..pub lunch and bag of fudge in Fowey……scrummy, but I missed out on a good running shirt by all accounts…..Any spare?

Would I run this race next year……….I think I might.



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4 thoughts on “Hana not reporting

  1. I recommend Probus 10k to anyone who fancies a tough 10k, it’s harder than St Levan, I’d say it’s similar to Treggy 7 and Mag 7, hilly and challenging. Although not a pb course for me I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

    It was amazing and inspirational to see a lady (very young lady) win the race overall….yes she beat all of the men in the race! Well done to Annabel Gummow, (ladies winner of the Truro Half in 2010) amazing performance and still under 18!

    Well done to Truro Ladies team too, great boost for the Club! Truro were well represented and I think Isobel went home with 4 trophies!

    Great local race Rob, well done!

  2. Now I know who the very fast girl is I often see running around Boscawen Park – it’s Annabel Gummow! She didn’t even look tired! Really good race (my first road 10k) but that last hill was evil! Missed breaking the 40 minute mark by 7 seconds – arrrghhh! Next year….

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