Hana Shakes it Up

Hana Clitherow in Prague

In the first of Hana’s monthly reviews, she tries out a sports recovery drink for the first time…

For Goodness Shakes

A very good friend of mine (Julie Johns) gave me for my birthday last year, a year’s subscription to Runners World (great read but not what I’ve been asked to write about). Anyway, a couple of months ago, attached to the front cover of this magazine was a sample sachet of “For Goodness Shakes” milkshake powder recovery drink. With the words ‘ENERGISE REBUILD and HYDRATE World class performance and taste’, written along side it’s brand name.

Now I’m not a great fan of food stuff like this, but I thought I’d give it go, so out it came in the race HQ at the Trevornick 10 mile race recently.

It’s a build it yourself drink i.e. open sachet and add to water then shake. Simple you would think, but not when you haven’t brought the right size bottle with you. I had read the instructions and it stated “easy to use”:

  1. Pour 450ml of water into your water bottle (I did that)
  2. Add sachet contents (I started to do that, but my bottle size was 500ml and powder plus the water already in the bottle didn’t give me enough room! Ah, luckily bottle number two came to hand and a little decanting did the trick.
  3. Close lid (in my case two lids)
  4. Shake and drink within 20 mins.

Throughout this process, two lovely little girls (Isobel’s daughters) watched avidly, hoping I would make a mess, but thankfully the shake behaved itself as did I. With a slightly screwed up nose and with a little trepidation I sipped the shake, then finished it off. Banana was the listed flavour, but there is no mention of banana in the list of ingredients, but it tasted like banana. A little sweet for me, but it’s texture wasn’t too thick so it was consumed with ease.

The nutritional information down the side of the sachet is far too small for me to read with my glasses on or off, and my husband’s arms don’t stretch far enough away for the print to become readable for him to read out, so I won’t be listing the endless details. If I could read it, would it make any difference to whether I drank it or used it to stick wall paper up with…..….probably not.

Drink consumed, tasted fine and my legs did not ache one jot that evening!

So was it the recovery drink that stopped my evening-after-race leg-ache or running on grass and sand at Trevornick? I can’t answer that one yet, but Lynne Donohue swears by them, and I’ll take one with me for after the Plymouth Half Marathon at the end of the month and give it a road trial.

The shakes come in sachets and a ready made version, which I found in the chilled section of Sainsbury’s, but the sachets have the advantage of not needing to be stored somewhere cold, which the boot of the car is definitely not this time of year!!! And they have a much longer shelf life!


Well the first sachet was free, but I have found a local supplier for them. (I’m a advocate of buying local I’m afraid!!!!)

Clive Mitchell Cycles
6 Calenick street

They sell the sachets at £1.99 each, or for £15 you can purchase the “World Class Sports Recovery Kit” which includes 8 assorted sachets

  • 2 x choc malt
  • 2 x Vanilla
  • 2 x Banana
  • 2 x Superberry

PLUS a 750ml water bottle… So no more not being able to get all the powder in the bottle and shake!!!!! Not a bad deal I thought. They even swapped the chocolate flavour for another, as I only eat chocolate in bars (no silly, not bars as in pubs!!!!!) or in a pudding, not in drink form…yuk!

As I said I was going to feature this item on our web site, Clive Mitchell’s also gave me 10% discount, maybe they would do the same for all you club members as well? However, if you can’t get in to Truro you can order single sachets from Clive Mitchell on Amazon (handy eh?!)

So go on, try one and then give your views on the taste, cost and whether they work. Easier than me mashing a real banana and trying to squeeze it down the neck of my 500ml drinks bottle then adding milk sugar etc…

Oh and before I forget, I tried the ready mixed “For Goodness Shakes” Super berry flavour recovery drink before driving home after Boconnoc this weekend. Tasted quite nice and the legs feel fine. Still have joggers head though!


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  1. Great news. Whilst spending yet more money in Clive Mitchells cycles in Truro they confirmed that all TRC members can get 10% on their drink/food products and clothing. So SUPPORT LOCAL businesses fellow runners!!!!!!!!

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