Hana Drinks Again!

Hana Clitherow in Prague

I was reading the Telegraph the other day and came across an article perfect for a ‘nutrition’ review. It was titled

Alcohol-free beer helps runners avoid colds

The article stated:

“Marathon runners and other athletes should drink alcohol free beer to lower their risk of suffering inflamation and catching colds, researchers claim.”

At this point I wondered what planet they come from, so read on.

Scientists studied almost 280 healthy entrants for several weeks before and after the 2009 Munich Marathon giving some 1.5litres a day of alcohol free wheat beer and others a placebo. 1.5 litres of any liquid, fill me with dread…well not dread, but i won’t expand anymore.

What on earth would you use as a placebo…cold tea would never work…maybe they use beer with alcohol?????

“Tests after the race showed those given the beer had a third fewer colds and a 20% lower level of inflamation than those given the placebo” said Dr Johannes Scherr of Munich Technical University.

I’m not convinced.

“Non-alcoholic beer contains polyphenols, chemicals that have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.” Doesn’t red wine and dark chocolate have the same properties?

Anyone wanting to try out the two theories? I bags the red wine one…how about you?

Read more about the study on Science Daily


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