TRC Award Winners

Steve Reynolds and Pete Walker
Steve Reynolds and Pete Walker – 2021 award winners

Presentations usually take place at the annual Christmas party.

Each year the club presents a series of awards chosen by a mixture of team captains, TRC members and the TRC management team.

New for 2021 was the Inspiration Award voted for by TRC members from a shortlist of six. This award was also back dated for 2019 and 2020. Main awards were not presented in 2020 because of the Covid situation.

The trophies are ‘perpetual’, so each year the winners return the cups to be engraved before the presentation and passed on to the new winners.

NB before 2005 only one cup was awarded for Most Improved Runner (male/female).

YEAR Most Improved Runners Runners of the Year Club Member of the Year Inspiration Award
2021 Pete Walker Natasha Hennings Steve Reynolds Anna Harrold Oli Pool Helen Jefferson
2020 Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Not Awarded Tony Berry
2019 Julian Spencer Beth Key James Kirton Claire Mensing Adrian Tyas Adrian Bolt
2018 Rob Standing Claire Mensing Alex Marples Becky Morgan Cassi Bende and Sue Mansfield
2017 Colin Bathe Jen Gay Dan Goodway Isobel Wykes Colin Bathe
2016 Tom Moore Lucy Medway Wayne Sara Wendy Chapman Wayne Sara
2015 James Davies Claire Longman Adam Tatlow Wendy Chapman Diane Boardman
2014 Rob Chirgwin Wendy Chapman Tony Berry Isobel Wykes Stuart Musson
2013 Paul Middleton Hana Clitherow Steve Rawson Isobel Wykes Andy Goundry
2012/ 13 Stuart Musson Helen Dodwell Pete Sowerby Isobel Wykes Adrian Tyas
2011/ 12 Stuart Musson Helen Dodwell Tony Berry Isobel Wykes Adrian Tyas
2010/11 Andrew Langdon Diane Boardman Paul Gwynne Anne Maskell Stephanie Boon
2009/ 10 Gordon Adie Nicola Collins Rachel Thomas Rachel Thomas
2008/ 09 Gary Pascoe Anna Moreford Rachel Thomas
2007/ 08 Jeremy Sharp Allan Cooper Anne Maskell
2006/ 07 Andrew Ferguson Allan Cooper Lisa Wotton Andrew Ferguson
2005/ 06 Dave Rowe Alison Joslin Shaun Tozer Anna Loveless Kevin Harding
2004/ 05

Will Jewell Carol Scott Nick Jeans
2003/ 04

Phil Spargo

Alistair Lackie Anna Loveless Sandra Austin
2002/ 03

Kim Long

Dave Rowe Anne Maskell Mark Trebilcock
2001/ 02

Ruth Holding

Colin Hoult Anne Maskell Phil Jordon
2000/ 01

Steve Hoye

Allan Cooper Kevin Harding
1999/ 00

Melanie James

1998/ 99

Lindsay Southcome

Helen Jefferson and Natasha Hennings
Helen Jefferson and Natasha Hennings – 2021 award winners