Hana likes wine!

And a good bowl of pasta apparently!  Hana’s valiantly agreed to write us a monthly ‘nutrition’ review, which is a loose term for ‘food and stuff that Hana is going to try out and tell us whether she likes it or not’!  I think we can expect frank opinions and a good dose humour; after all, Hana’s inimitable take on things is guaranteed to make you smile over your nutritionally correct pre-race carbo loading!

Before she gets down to business though she thought we might like to know a bit about her foody qualifications…

Hana Clitherow in Prague 2011

Over to Hana!

Whilst sat at my computer trying to book a hotel in Bedford for my son’s RAF graduation, and preparing my body with some hydration for the Trevornick 10, in the form of a large whiskey Mac (double measure of blended scotch with a single measure of Stones ginger wine), I received an email from Steph, asking if I would put together a monthly slot on nutrition.

I sat and thought, what qualifications have I got for this role…….none really. As I type I have a chilli, tomato and coriander sausage casserole simmering on the hob, and next to that I have chicken thighs simmering in white wine…..not all to eat tonight, but to put in the freezer in preparation for the horrid shifts I will be working from now on.

I have worked in catering from home and in a local private hospital, when the kids were small. From home I was cooking predominately for the squash teams at Truro squash Club. Their main criteria for team meals was that they sat well in the stomach when consumed alongside the main form of squash players’ rehydration: Beer, with Betty Stoggs on the label.

I have personally found, that after a session at a fitness class or a run on a Wednesday night at TRC, that a bowl of pasta and a glass of red wine, aid recovery well.

I put all my headaches down to “Joggers Head” not wine, and I have one right now, a headache that is, with not a drop of alcohol having passed my lips, not even when I added the wine to the chicken.

Can you see the main theme running through my food and nutrition knowledge??????

Perhaps I should write a wine and beer guide instead Steph????

I think my mistake was passing on my “Ironman bar” recipe to you all, but any way, I will attempt to write an article on the NEW Sports Recovery drink I tried today, called “For Goodness SHAKES” and see where we go from there.

Please feel free to make any comments you like, I am thick skinned, and at my age, I’m past caring any way!


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  1. Another classic entry from Hana, I really like For Goodness Shakes, the mixed berry flavour, that’s my contribution. Also, I know one member of the club who actually makes your ‘Ironman’ bars and is very impressed with them, so keep those secret recipes coming!

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