Want to start running?

Cancer Research UK's Race For Life which took place in Hyde Park on Sunday 18th June 2010

Are you training for the Race For Life, or maybe you know someone that wants to start running for fun or regular exercise, but doesn’t know where to start? We’ve got just the thing for you!  Truro Running club is proud to announce it’s first Walk/Run Group for anyone that doesn’t feel confident enough to join the club. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run before, or it was decades ago at school when you last put your trainers on: this group is especially for you.

The TRC Walk/Run Group is organised by our very experienced Leader Adrian Tyas who can give any advice you might need prior to joining the group, for example on clothing, training shoes, meeting place, etc. You can contact Adrian by email or telephone 01872 277283.

The TRC Walk/Run Group

  • Safe and enjoyable non-competitive running experience for over 18s
  • Primarily for new and inexperienced runners
  • Suitable for adults of any age, shape, size or ability and for those who have not exercised for a number of years
  • A 10 week gradual progression from walk/run to running for the whole session
  • Ideal for anyone intending to participate in the Race For Life
  • Course led by qualified Leaders in Running Fitness
  • Costs just £1.00 per session
  • Commencing Tuesday evenings from 17th May at 6pm from Boscawen Car Park on Malpas Road, Truro. Google Map

What are you waiting for, call Adrian today and join in!

2 thoughts on “Want to start running?

  1. I would like to say a massive thank you to Adrian and Rob for all their hard work and thought put into leading the walk run group. It is relaxed, great fun and Adrian and Rob are never short of words of encouragement when you are just about ready to give up. Up until joining the group I have never run, and in four weeks I have run distances I never thought I would. I am now running twice a week on top of the walk/run group and love every minute! Thanks also to the very entertaining leaders who turned up to help on Tuesday night in Adrian’s absence, anyone who thinks running is not fun is wrong (though it could have been the random discussions about cream teas that kept me going).

  2. Hi Tamsyn,

    Many thanks for your very kind words and it’s great to hear you’re enjoying your running on Tuesday evenings. It has to be said you and your fellow runners are a good bunch which makes the training that much more enjoyable for it.

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