Trevornick 10m GP race

Most of the Trevornick TRC team, May 2011
Most of TRC Trevornick Team, plus some welcome guests!

It was a great turnout for the club on this windy, cold day with 18 of us at the start-line.  Everyone seemed to be in high spirits and good form, but not many of us seemed to be aiming for a personal best over this distance: this course was “tough”.  Sandy paths riddled with rabbit holes, rocky paths and hills, almost sheer cliff paths and even a beach lay ahead, something unexpected at every turn. The terrain wouldn’t intimidate or hinder all of us though and special congratulations are due to 3 team members Anne Maskell, Isobel Wykes and Tony Berry who all picked up first prizes in their age category, and to Anne and Isobel for crossing the finish line as the second and third fastest females overall (respectively) – Emma Stallard watch your step! Congratulations also go to Isobel Wykes and Helen Dodwell for making great debuts for the club 🙂

We have a several race reports for you, so put the kettle on, put your feet up and enjoy the read!

And we're off! Trevornick start, May 2011
And we're off!

Race Report from Andy

Andy Goundry

A blustery Sunday morning saw 18 TRCers pull on the vest for this Grand Prix race which was an impressive turnout. “Our leader” Diane was in charge of the camera as she rested her legs for next week’s Great 10k run in Manchester (Good Luck!)

This is a tough undulating (hilly and near vertical in parts) course over the common and including the beach at Porth Joke and some track.

A rapid start downhill only leads runners into a false sense of what is to follow as the arduous terrain seeks to sap all the legs’ energy by mile 7 and see what reserves exist for the next 3 miles to get home. A strong headwind for much of the race was an equal enemy to the terrain and a brief “machine gunning” from a hail shower added insult to injury.

Pretty much all those who ran enjoyed it, with Fearon first home for the club and Anne second (also picking up 2nd female overall), with I think, club debutant Isobel being 4th home for the club and also picking up the 3rd female runner prize too. I was delighted with a 3 minute improvement over last years’ time, putting me in good shape for the Edinburgh marathon in 2 weeks’ time.

We hope Tony is well after his triple summersault heading down the hill at mile 5, but he did dust himself down and finished well.

Well done to all who finished this tough, but thoroughly enjoyable, well marshalled and organised race. The only disappointment was a few pre registered runners (including our own Hana and Stephie) did not receive their promised T shirt as so many runners registered on the day.


Hana Reporting

Hana Clitherow, 2011

Well weren’t we lucky with the weather, apart from a short and painful bout of hail. That hail slapped my left hand side with force, but left my glasses clear, so visibility wasn’t impaired!! With all those rabbit holes, the last thing I wanted was impaired vision.

An 11.30 start on a Sunday…Bliss I thought. I have time for toast and tea, then a coffee a bit later on, before heading off to Holywell bay. I even had time to chase the Hoover around and clean the bathroom, before suddenly the time crept up on me and I was having to rush out the door!

On arrival at Trevornick there was loads of parking and easy to follow signs to the race HQ. I really enjoy this time before the race starts, as you get to meet up with people you have made friends with from other clubs and suss out the local talent… not really! Oh yes, and visit the toilets at least twice….know what I mean girls?

The big question was, do I run in TRC vest or TRC vest and T shirt underneath. With strong cool winds blowing, the answer was two layers would be better than one. A few brave TRC runners decided otherwise, but when that hail hit me, I knew I’d made the right decision.

The start was rapid, and not too cramped and off we ran along grass then a stretch of concrete road, before we entered the common. It felt wonderful having the give of the grass and earth under my feet, rather than unforgiving tarmac. My left leg had been painful the day before, but this surface did not aggravate it at all. Anne and our new member Isabol were nowhere to be seen. Far ahead of me in no time at all, so there was no crossing the line as first TRC female for me today.

The course was undulating, they said, and scenic, I seemed to have wiped from my mind the word “Challenging”. I have to admit I did walk up two slopes, but not the concrete one at Polly Joke. I walk this area on a regular basis and have spent the last 5 Christmas mornings drinking coffee and eating mince pies or bacon rolls on the beach here, but when walking these hills they never seem as bad as they did today. The gale force 10 wind ( well maybe not that bad) didn’t help. I felt as if I was attached to a very strong elastic band and resistance training took on a whole new meaning. (Don’t get any ideas Kev.)

At mile 5 my legs felt fresh, the lungs not too bad…(that whiskey last night must have helped) but at mile 8 I hit my usual wall. The brain says….”why the hell are you doing this? Didn’t you see sense after Helston? You really shouldn’t even consider doing Castle Drogo in November, and FORGET Launceston!!!!!! “

Will I ever listen to myself, probably not, because just like child birth, my body seems to forget the pain and mental trauma in no time at all. Mind you I could be suffering the early signs of dementia.

Hana Crosses the finish line.  Trevornick 10m, 2011
Hana crosses the finish line.

The finish line was a great sight to see, even if it was on a slight incline, and there to greet me were all the TRC male runners. Well I like to think they were there just for me.

I was so shattered at this point that I accosted a Newquay male runner and made him get me some water and a banana (thank you Alex D), then came the problem of how to peel a banana, hold an apple and plastic cup of water. Ahhh another male came to my rescue. It must be my age that allows me to get away with this, so grey hair has some advantages girls! It’s definitely not my looks.

So all in all, would I do this race again. Yes Yes Yes!

The views are wonderful, it’s one of my favourite places to be and the knees, hips and feet loved the softness of the ground. I don’t like mud though!

The parking was plentiful and you weren’t jammed in.

The toilets were short on queues, they were very clean and had toilet roll…fantastic.

The showers…10 out of 10. Absolutely spotless, each shower had it’s own cubicle with a shelf for your kit bag (mine is rather large) and hooks for clothes. But best of all, gallons of hot muscle easing water. I could have stayed there longer. Lucky campers.


Stephie Getting Out There

Stephanie Boon, 2011

I’d just like to add that although this was an absolutely fantastic course (my favourite this year by far) it didn’t give Hana the opportunity to do any window shopping this time round, and I know regular readers will be very disappointed with that!

Instead we had to make do with large billowing clouds rushing across the sky and watch the ever changing shadows on the short grass of the common. At the start there were beautiful flecks of yellow cowslips poking their tiny heads up above ground and out on the headland they gave way to great swathes of thrift.

Coastline with pink thrift, Holywell Bay, May 2011
Pink thrift on the coastal path above Holywell Bay

Hana did you hear the skylarks?  Their piercing song above the sound of the waves reminded me why I was doing this as I was running with a sore calf against a constant wind that was determined to knock me down. Racing?  Well, put it this way, I was last home for the club, last home in my category and on the last sheet of results. Again. I’m getting sick of this, but I only started this running lark 6 months ago, having only ever sedately jogged before. I’m getting better (believe it or not!) and my last 200m sprint to beat Margaret Wade from Carn Runners was testament to that – summoning up a last burst of energy when you think it’s all but drained away is a real rush. But I’m realistic. Starting at my age (don’t even ask) I don’t think I’ll ever be up there with the Hanas of the club, let alone the Annes and Isobels!  No, for me, this race was all about ‘getting out there’. And that’s what I did. And I loved it so much I’m thinking about doing some of these and, running away with myself here, maybe even finishing it all off with 44 miles of The Classic Quarter in a year’s time. Well, you’ve gotta have a dream haven’t you!


The Trevornick Album

Thanks to Our Leader for most of the photos at the finish line!

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TRC Results

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Number of finishers: 349

Full Race Results Trevornick 10, May 2011 (.xls file)

5 thoughts on “Trevornick 10m GP race

  1. Well done everyone. I was there at Porth Joke to cheer you on. Unfortunately though I was there during the hail shower so I have to admit the girls and I took shelter in our little tent so I had to shout from quite a distance away so not sure if everyone heard us! Looked really hard but I’m definitely giving it a go next year.

  2. Steph sadly i didn’t hear the sky larks due to noise my heart was making as it tried to escape from my body on those wretched hills, but i might just back on a rest day and run there again. Bliss!

  3. Well done to everyone at Trevornick on Sunday. It was good to see a bigger turnout than usual from the club, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately my calves weren’t in a good state after dancing the midday at Flora Day the day before, and gave up on me after 2 miles, but I managed to drag myself round the rest of the course and really enjoyed it (even the hail!) Very well marshalled, and amazing scenery makes this event a must in the calendar. When’s the entry form out for next year?

  4. You may have noticed that at Trevornick I was promoted or relegated (I’m not sure which) from the M75 category to the M70 group.
    Seems there is some confusion in GP quarters about this reshuffle and the elimination of a globally recognised Masters age grouping.
    Wonder what those in the M70 group think about this, especially long-standing M70 winners such as Norris Kingdon who gets moved into second place (and our own Nick Jeans).

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