Joining the new run/walk group tonight?

Perhaps it’s the first time you’ve run in a long time, or maybe you haven’t run since school and the prospect of joining the group in Boscowen Park at 6pm this evening is causing a little anxiety! It feels like that for everyone the first time, but hopefully the information below will set your mind at rest 🙂

Some Things A New Runner May Need To Know


What should I wear ? It may help to wear either a reflective or white top so other people can see you. It’s a good idea to wear layers when the weather is not hot. Shorts or leggings and running shoes. Its usually best to buy running shoes from a specialist retailer where you can be given advice about the best kind of shoes for your running style.

Warm ups

We will all do a short warm up to hopefully prevent any injuries or muscle strains.

The surfaces we will be running on

We will run on a riverside footpath that goes round the Park and a pavement for a short distance. The footpath is usually a firm surface but can get muddy with puddles when there has been heavy rain .

Your safety

It is designed to be a safe, fun environment and a risk assessment has been carried out. We do run/jog/walk through a Car Park where care needs to be taken and there are often dogs being walked on the footpath. We try to make it a welcoming, social environment for people of all fitness levels and particularly welcome newcomers to running who can take part in this simple and achievable activity.

How far will I run?

This will depend on your aptitude and ability but we will look to run/jog for 3 minutes then walk or rest for one minute and eventually progress from there to hopefully run/jog for about 30 minutes . The total distance covered in one night is not likely to be more than 3 miles . The good news is its flat ! The weekly sessions will be varied to make it more enjoyable. You will be encouraged to develop progressively each week. It is planned that you should be able to jog/run without stopping for 30 minutes and cover up to 3 miles after 10 weeks . However, you will not be pressurised to do anything you are not comfortable with.

Cool down and stretches

We will cool down by walking for about 5 minutes at the end of the session and then do some basic stretches .

Where and when do we Meet

We meet at 6.00pm every Tuesday in the Car Park at Boscawen Park , Malpas Road , Truro and the whole session lasts about 45 minutes.

How can I find out more?

Contact Adrian Tyas on 01872 277283 or by email. Further general information about running can be found at