The Eden Project Marathon 2014 – report and results

Report from Colin Bathe’s first Eden Marathon

Well that was an interesting race…

I ran the first half well and felt in control but it is a really tough course so in retrospect I went out too fast (as usual) and the proverbial wheels fell off around 17 miles. I managed to hang in there and didn’t stop running (up hills didn’t count) and made it to the end but the second half was around 20 mins slower than the first half. Total time was 4 hrs 10 mins 50 something seconds which meant I didn’t break the 4 hour mark but I did knock 35 mins off my PB and happy with that.

The last 200m down hill into the centre of Eden was rather fun as a certain TRC member (James Davies) managed to come past me at roughly twice the speed I was going to pip me at the post.

The fun didn’t end there, after crossing the finishing line, I grabbed my T shirt, medal, bottle of water and then went to sit down next to one of the St John’s members. 10 mins later, I was being wheeled out in a wheel chair to their main set up in the Core building. I ended up there for the next 80 mins whilst the medics had fun taking my blood pressure. There was some debate at one point as to whether I was alive or not due to the reading being so low. Anyway, after having a little rest I was back on form and left in search of a pasty and a pint. Unfortunately, as I was rather late in this quest, the pasty was rather cold and the proper beer had run out. Such is life – the lack of beer probably was a good thing.

As I wanted to make sure that I was 100% before driving home, I wandered around the two biomes to see what had changed and can report that there is now a canopy level walk way. It has probably been there for years but it has been a while since I’ve looked around Eden. Anyway, on the way out, I came across an Eden employee selling some enormous scones at £2 for six. Out came the cash and the first one disappeared once I got home – so there was an advantage in hanging around till late.

On getting home, I find that my efforts helped the four TRC male members get second place in the team event and there is a bottle of wine involved. This makes me happy.

(Do I get another prize for visiting St John’s three times in the last four races?)

Off now to walk(?!?) down to the pub for a celebratory pint or two. A good day.


TRC News from Isobel Wykes

Super running from TRC at Eden marathon today. Huge congrats to Jade Aurelia who ran her 1st marathon on arguably the toughest course this way. Wow! What a one to pick and she totally rocked!  Steve Rawson won his age group and the TRC men’s team (Luke, Steve, James & Colin) were 2nd!!!! Marvellous.

And what Izzy didn’t mention was that she won the marathon. Again!!!!

Isobel Wykes. Photo by Wendy Chapman
Izzy on a jaunt in the autumn sunshine! (Photo by Wendy Chapman)

Results (Half and Full Marathon)