Marazion 10k 2015 – New Entry System

Advance information regarding the entry procedure for the Marazion 10k.


Dear Running Clubs

I am emailing to let you know in advance the entry arrangements for the Marazion 10k 2015, which is being held next season on Sunday 1 February 2015, with an 11am start.

After seeking many views from both runners and from within the CRRG, Hayle Runners’ committee thinks the fairest way this time is on a first come first served basis, with no club block bookings, via an entry system with a proven track record, and giving advance warning of the date of the opening of entries.

Entries open on 1st November 2014

I am therefore writing to let you know that entries will open on 1 November, ie in just under a month from now.  This should hopefully give you enough time to warn your members about the date and to alert them if they do want to enter.  This notice will also be posted simultaneously on the Hayle Runners’ website today, and on Facebook, in order to alert as many non- affiliated runners as possible.

Online Entry Only

Entries will be online only which I understand is in line with the way CRRG believes race entries should be going in the future. No paper bookings will be accepted and, as in previous years, there will be no on the day entries.  The online entries will be hosted by the Run Britain website.  The address will be which will link to the entry site.  It will not take entries yet. Craig will open it at midnight on 1 November to give everyone an equal chance of entering.

The other change this year is the race memento. The Hayle Runners’ committee believes it is time for a change and I think some other clubs agree, saying in the past they believe the hoodie memento helped boost race entries to unsustainable levels.  The memento this year will almost certainly be a tech t-shirt, short or long sleeved.

Please don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any queries. My email address is and my mobile is  07721 571494.  Or please email Craig with any specific entry queries

Best wishes

Wendy Pascoe

Hayle Runners

Marazion 10k Race Director