Meet Your Max 2014 – review

By Paul Riley of CAC

Thanks to Truro running club for organising the Meet your Max 10k off road race last night!

After a lazy afternoon kayaking in St Ives bay, in a moment of madness I decided to drive to Truro and run the race. Unfortunately arriving just in time to enter it was down to the start and off we went. It was nice to find that one of my colleagues from the “more velocity challenged” group of Tuesday nights CAC track session Diane Boardman was running and my plan was to try and keep up with her. The first mile or so was mainly downhill and on the road but this led to a false sense of security as the next 5.5 miles was hilly, muddy, slippy, involved river crossings, sliding down slippy banks on your backside and pulling yourself over fallen trees using ropes. Sorry Diane for deliberately throwing that rope out of your reach; that was a mean, unsporting trick and I still feel really guilty.

Sorry as well if anyone misheard me and thought I had used a very rude word when I nearly knocked myself unconscious on an overhanging branch; what I actually shouted was “duck” – sometimes my Derbyshire accent makes my d’s sound like another letter!

Well, mid race I lost contact with Diane who went charging off but I think she knew I wasn’t totally out of touch as she could hear me coughing constantly (I must remember my inhaler next time!)

Then the nightmare steps; a half mile of near vertical steps followed by a never ending hill. This is where I thought the race should be called Meet your Maker! I started to think about A level physics and the difficulty of pulling heavy weights up inclines and that I needed some sort of pulley system!

Finally managed to catch up and overtake Diane on a very long downhill stretch. Then just managed to hang in till the end. Those sand dune repeats I have been doing must have done something for my stamina after all!
Probably a personal worst time but glad I did it! Lovely free pasty afterwards – just what I needed to replace all those calories I had burned!


Thanks so much for the great review Paul!


Meet your Max – 2014 .xls