Functional Strength & Core Training Workshop for Runners & Triathletes

Sunday 23rd March 2pm- 4pm

With Jan Watson, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor (Falmouth Road Runners)

  • At Falmouth Sports Club
  • Cost £5.00 per person (tea included), maximum 20 participants.

None of us is perfectly symmetrical and any musculoskeletal imbalances we have developed over the years are exaggerated by repetitive long distance training – inevitably, niggles and injuries develop.

This workshop will help you understand the relevance of strength and core training for single and multi-sport activities. It will help you identify your own personal imbalances and devise corrective strength and core exercises that will eventually improve your performance and remain injury free.

The afternoon is an interactive combination of education, practical work and discussion.

Introductory session

  • Benefits of cross training
Functional training v conventional gym training
  • Use of FST in Improving athletic performance

Practical session

Functional Strength & core workout

  • Wear loose fitting clothing & trainers


  • Customising your own FST program into your training schedule

Tel Jan on 07802 767197 for more details/to book.

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