MTRS 2013 Awards and Trophies

Your award awaits!

If you completed last year’s Multi-Terrain Race Series don’t forget to collect your award on Sunday 16th February 2014  at the TRFC clubhouse!   If it seems so long ago you can’t remember what you did last year check out the MTRS 2013  Awards and Trophies list.

As well as the finisher awards, category trophies will also be awarded to

  • David McGuire
  • Gary Pascoe and
  • Nick jeans

Come and support the club, your friends and our worthy winners!

There will be a muddy run before the presentation for anyone that wants to join in (NB it’s not a race, and you don’t have to have completed the MTRS to run) and full details can be found here: Moresk Forest Run 2014, along with a map of the course: Moresk Forest Run 2014 .