Grizzly 2014 – March 9th – Withering Heights

(Featuring Heath and Cliff!)

20 miles of country lanes and paths with sea views taking place in Seaton (otherside of Exeter). Lovely.

(There may be the odd hill, section of mud, hill, water splash, bagpipe player, hill, shingle, hill and hunky firemen…)

A number of TRC members did the route last year and I believe want to again this year. It is that sort of course – completely stupid but once you have done one you keep on wanting to come back. Difficulty its around that of a marathon and most people do it in a similar time however there isn’t really much pressure to do a fantastic time – the cut off is around 6 hours so it is possible to run the first half and walk the second if you need to.

The downside to the run is its popularity. Places last year went very quickly so this year they have decided to make entry a ballot. They are allowing group entries and I’m organising a TRC (+ extras) entry which will mean that either we all will get in or nobody gets in.

The ballot entry is open during all of August and if you want to join the TRC entry then you will need to get a cheque to me by Wednesday August 28th. If we get in, I will send all the cheques off. If we don’t, I’ll attempt to return them for a month. After that I’ll destroy them. The entry fee is £28 (+ £2 unaffiliated) but currently I don’t know who the cheques need to be made out to so don’t bring them in yet.

It would be useful to know who is thinking about entering so if you are (read this year’s report to help make your mind up!), post below or speak to me on a Wednesday night.

Cheers, Colin

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