The Mob Match, 27 November 2011

Fantastic weather and the promise of a great end of season run brought 28 members down to the sea front at Gyllingvase Beach in Falmouth this morning. It was an impressive turn out for the club and probably our largest this year. As well as our seasoned competitors, we were really glad to see Clare and Paul Murphy racing with us for the first time alongside others who’ve been dipping their toes into racing waters for the first time this year.

If you take a close look at the photo below you can’t fail to notice the large number of us TRC women that turned out  – enough for a winning team! (8 needed to count.) The Mob Match is primarily a team event and the TRC ladies came home 2nd in division 2 (medium sized clubs), beaten by East Cornwall Harriers. The ladies team included Anne Maskell, Claire Longman, Hana Clitherow, Clare Murphy, Cath Giles, Amelya Lindsey, Helen Dodwell and Tabitha Allen – congratulations everyone! (Claire will bring your hard-earned can of Strongbow to the club on Wednesday!). No prizes, but the men’s team came 3rd! Download the division 2 team results below.

Following the Mob Match were the presentations of prizes for the 2011 Cornwall Glass and Glazing GP, where a number of TRCers were recognised for their achievements over the year. A full post will be dedicated to the event and will be appearing on your screen soon! In the mean time it’s over to Hana for her report on the last race of 2011.

Falmouth Mob Match 27/11/11, 5 mile road race. Truro Running Club team photo.
The Truro Mob

We need to rename our club!

For the first time in ages, there was no need to get up at the crack of dawn on a race day, as today the race is a mere 10 miles away. Bliss.

I open the curtains and there appears to be sunshine trying to break through this morning’s murky November sky. Last night’s wind has dropped, so we could be set for a good race day.

I decide even after last week’s doubts over porridge as a pre race breakfast, to risk it once again. I do have 3 hours in which to let it settle and so one medium size bowl with brown sugar and blueberries on top is consumed. Tastes good, now lets hope it doesn’t cause any mid race discomfort.

I drive to Falmouth, a route I take every working day, so Sidney Skoda is on auto pilot. The road is quiet and there, as I enter Falmouth, I see large brightly covered notices, directing me to the race.

As I arrive at Gyllingvase, the sun is shining over the sea and I am directed into the car park close to the start. Brilliant, and the pay points are covered, so I don’t even have to pay for this honour.

Alison Joslin taking registrations at the Falmouth Mob Match 27/11/11
What would e do without Alison?!

Registration is plain sailing, with Alison having it fully under control. I pick up my race number, which has absolutely no resemblance to my age and get myself kitted up. Julie and Steph have arrived so the usual feminine chatter takes place and then it’s time for a team photo…..yes TEAM PHOTO. We have a brilliant turn out, we could get a mention in the team prizes at this rate.

It’s off to the start. I decide to move towards the front along with Claire and Graham, then Anne manages to squeeze through as well. Why I chose this area to start the race I really don’t know, but somewhere in me I have this notion I can actually run fast……the section of mind this is housed in, is my dreams…get real girl.

Ah, some sort of noise sounds, Belated Garmin activated and we are off. Off up a hill. Now I have to say that in my opinion, which obviously doesn’t count, all races should start on a down hill, so you can gradually build up to running and exerting some effort. Eden half did, Launceston 7 did to name two.

Any way, up hill it is, lungs busting and Claire and Graham are in front of me, but in my sights…..and so is Helen. As for our elite runners, they’ve long gone.

We turn right and run alongside the grave yard, not a place to linger, so head down and with a left turn we are now sprinting down hill to Swanpool. A lap of the lake and I’ve caught Graham, but Helen and Claire are ahead. Oh to have younger legs.

It’s now back up the hill we sprinted down and some bl—dy great rugby built hulk of a male, pushes me out of the way, so he can get through. Ever heard of “excuse me, runner coming through”? Thankfully a little light relief follows with a slight down hill section back to Gyllyngvase. I’ll get that hulk back!!!

A large crowd have gathered by the hotel and give us all a cheer and words of encouragement, but not a Jelly Baby in sight. Oh well, I would have had to carry it all the way to the end of the race anyway, so no sticky fingers/security hanky this race for me.

It’s now out along the seafront with a very deceptive slope to climb, with numerous traffic calming humps in the road, to dodge. No mishaps or falls seen and we are now bearing left towards Pendennis rise. I’m still ahead of Graham, but can’t catch the two girls…….oh for very young fit legs.

We climb up past the docks. I keep my head down and study the tarmac intently. Yuk, it’s strewn with bodily fluids, must look forward instead.

I’m now alongside Dave, and the poor chap is suffering hamstring malfunction. Now men and pain are a bit like oil and water….they don’t mix…that’s why us women have babies…….sorry boy’s but it is true. I show Dave a little sympathy, but when attempting to breath, run up hill, and the girls I’m trying to catch are getting further ahead, I have to leave him behind. Sorry Dave.

Around Pendennis we run. I spy an ice cream van in the car park and as I’m now starting to have air con malfunction, it looks very appealing indeed. I don’t think I’ve ever tried running with a 99 in my hand before, well not in a race……think I’ll leave that game for another run, could get rather messy otherwise.

I try to convince myself that it is all down hill from here. I try to pick up speed. Slight problem though, I have two speeds…the one I’m running at and slower. Oh well, I’ll keep to this speed and see if I can catch Helen.

Stupid idea…….I’d need well trained, very young athlete’s legs to do this.

I’m now heading towards the finish line. 5 miles covered, belated birthday Garmin registers 39:24, which is OK, but I had hoped for 38 mins……there is always next year.

I queue for my water and banana. Then my Skinners Beer…husband at home will be happy. And then surprise surprise I was handed a great race memento in the form of a Buff. I can use a buff, I have loads of T-Shirts and I DO NOT want a beanie hat. BUT if any other clubs are reading this blog……running gloves would be fab!!!!!!!!

Post race team photo’s taken, then it’s off to the presentation! Now this is why we need to rename our club. Having a name starting with the letter “T” followed by an “R” means we come last in the proceedings. Why not call ourselves “Cathedral City running club” and that way we would reach the podium before “Cornwall Athletics club”….that would be a first!!!!!!

I would also like to mention that Steph did make and bring with her for us to sample, some very wicked chocolate brownies……these were so healthy, I had to eat one with my coffee. Far better than a recovery shake.

Amelya, your flapjacks were very good as well. I had to sample one of these as well, as I needed something to soak up my second mug of coffee.

So all in all:

  • A great race, in a great location with a good atmosphere. Well done Falmouth running club
  •  Venue for registration and award ceremony……roomy and provided all you needed.
  •  I can’t pass any comments on the showers or toilets as I didn’t use them.
  • I know it was  £1 to use the showers, but I had come armed with wet wipes.
  • Race momento….as mentioned already…..very good indeed.
  • Memento for running 8 GP races……a boxed glass paper weight. Oh and the ladies came second in the team event, so came home with a can of cider each.
  • Will I run it next year……………………..I expect so.

Before I forget………CONGRATULATIONS to both Tony and Steve for their wins.



Overall Results


TRC Results

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14 thoughts on “The Mob Match, 27 November 2011

  1. Helen Dodwell was also part of the winning team! I thought it was East Cornwall Harriers who were 1st in our Division and Carn 3rd? Also, don’t forget TRC men came 3rd so only just missed out on a can of something too!!

  2. Ooops, that’s what you get for doing things at 1 in the morning!!! (And Helen was on my list, I just didn’t type it up properly – sorry everyone!) (And to give myself another excuse, I only had division 1 results last night – and my memory’s obviously not as good as yours 😛 )

  3. Yeh, Gary was the reason TRC Men were 3rd in our division. All that weight you’ve lost combined with being faster than the speed of light and noone noticed you were there. Great time too!!

  4. OFFS!!!!!!!!!!!! You were in the photos Gary what MORE do you want, ha, ha!!!!!! Excuse me whilst I go and shoot myself… and make that 28 TRCers that were there on the day! I did tell you I can’t add up, but apparently I can’t copy and paste either *sigh* 🙁

  5. Steph, you do an amazing job of getting all of this up so quickly after every event, we can forgive you (please don’t stop doing it!!)! xx

    1. Lol 😀 – I know no-one’s having a go, I’m just exasperated with myself for making so many simple errors on just one report (Me? Not perfect? Meh!)

      I’ve even found another error/omission that no-one’s mentioned yet!!!!!!!!!! (And I haven’t amended it, ‘cos I’m not sure of the correction – a home made cake to anyone that can find it before I do amend it!!!) And on another note, I’m really, really pleased enough people have read it to even notice the mistakes, ha, ha!

      And well done Gary for yet another amazing run – any tips gratefully received!!!

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