Wednesday Night Programme

*** All club runs and training sessions have been suspended until further notice*** – but that doesn’t stop you exercising!

The club run routes are here and can be run in reverse too! You can do Kev’s coaching sessions whenever you like!


These sessions are subject to change. They are also posted in our Facebook Group at the start of every week.

There is usually a gentle transition group run of 3 – 4 miles at approx 13 – 14 min/mile pace for newer runners and those returning from injury.

Run the distance you want at the pace you want.

Scroll down to the table for coached sessions – the Wednesday sessions are usually repeated on the following Monday.


March and April 2020

Guided Runs

4th March – Moresk loops – 4.6/5.9/7.3 or coached session or headtorch.

11th March – city centre loops – 4/5.5/6.8 miles or speedy group or coached session or headtorch.

18th March – out and back runs from Dunelm Mill for 15/20/25 minutes or headtorch or coached session.

25th March – group runs/Fartlek on hillies – 4/5/7 miles or speedy group run or coached session or headtorch.

1st April – Scawswater runs – 4/6/8 miles or trail run or ?? Track – running style and technique.

8th April – St Clement loops – 4.5/5/6.4/7.4 miles or speedy group or trail or ?? Track –8k mix of 400m and 1k.

15th April – out and back – 20/25/30 minutes on Newham trail + Calenick, Kea, Playing Place on longer runs or trail or ?? Track – 400 metre intervals.

22nd April – Trelissick runs or coached session.

29th April – Max tasters – 4.4/6.7 miles or Park Farm runs  – 4.3/5.6 or long speedy run or coached session.


Coached Sessions

* Venue will be weather dependant. Facebook message on the day will confirm.

Planned Session Venue
Wednesday  4/3 1K Repetitions x 5 High Cross/Cathedral
Monday 9/3 1K Repetitions x 5 Meet at High Cross/Cathedral
Wednesday 11/3 Long Hill repetitions x 8 Tinney Drive
Monday 16/3 Long Hill repetitions x 8 Meet at Tinney Drive
Wednesday 18/3 Short Hill Intervals 10 x 45 secs Trelander Highway
Monday 23/3 Short Hill Intervals 10 x 45 secs Meet JunctionTregolls Rd/Trelander Highway
Wednesday 25/3 Bleep test. Viaduct Car Park
 Monday 30/3 Bleep test. Meet at Viaduct Car Park
Wednesday 1/4 Running style/Technique Drills TBC*
Monday 6/4 Running style/technique Drills TBC*
Wednesday 8/4 Pyramid Intervals. 4X200, 3x 400, 2×800, 3×400, 4×200 TBC*
Monday 13/4 Pyramid Intervals. 4X200, 3x 400, 2×800, 3×400, 4×200 TBC*
Wednesday 15/4 Duelling 4 sets Boscawen Park
Monday 20/4 Duelling 4 sets Meet at Boscawen Park*
Wednesday   22/4 Downhill running technique Trelissick Estate.
Monday 29/4 Downhill running technique Meet at Truro Rugby Club