GP 2015 Fixtures and Results

NB: For other local races see the Multi Terrain Race Series (Cornwall) as well as the Events Calendar (local, national and international races).

2015 Cornwall Glass and Glazing Grand Prix race entry forms will be available to download here as they become available throughout the year.

Print off the GP and MTRS race dates for your diary: 2015 race dates pdf

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2016 Fixtures

NB Not all dates are confirmed, but many are and entry forms will be published as soon as available.  See the 2016 Fixtures page for details.

New to the GP?

What is it?

The Cornish Glass and Glazing Grand Prix Series (GP) is an annual series of races (mostly on roads) held across Cornwall throughout the year.  The races range from 4 miles to the full marathon of 26.2 miles.

The races are open to all, but for individuals to be included in the Grand Prix tables and eligible to win a Series competitor award, you must be a member of one of the affiliated Cornish Running Clubs (Truro!) and wear the club’s colours at each race.

To achieve a Grand Prix completion award you must complete a minimum of 8 of the 15 races, 2 of which have to be of 10 miles or more.  There is an alternative award for competitors that complete all 15 races. *Competitors in the Mini GP need to complete 3 of the 5 races for a completion award (races included in the Mini GP are marked with an asterisk in the table above.)

There are individual competitions for both male and female runners called ‘The Open’ as well as the ‘Age’ category competition.  All ages compete in the Open and the winner of each race is awarded 300 points, 2nd place 299 points and so on down the field. For the Age category competition, the competitor’s age on 1st January 2015 their competition age for the series.  The winner of each age category is awarded 100 points, second place 99 points and so on down the field.

There are also team prizes up for grabs for which each club has to have 6 men or 6 women in a team to count. Presentations are held after The Mob Match in Falmouth in November each year.

There’s no obligation to run 8 or more races – you can run just 1 if you like! Similarly there’s no obligation for clubs to enter a team in a race, so if there are just a couple of TRCers up for a marathon that’s no problem – no excuses not to get involved and dip your toes in to GP waters!

What are the Age Categories?

Female under 35; F35 – 39; F40 – 44; F45 – 49; F50 – 54; F55 – 59; F60 – 64; F65 – 69; F70+

Male under 35; M35 – 39; M40 – 44; M45 – 49; M50 – 54; M55 – 59; M60 – 64; M65 – 69; M70 – 74; M75+

New to Racing?

If you’re new to racing or the GP, speak to Adrian Tyas, TRC’s head coach, or Stu Musson (coach and membership secretary) who will be able to suggest which race/s would be most suitable for you to try. Kev Harding, our performance coach, will also be able to help put together a training plan for you – you can catch him at the club most Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm.

How do I enter?

You can register through TRC’s GP Race Co-ordinator, Alison Joslin, or her deputy.  Contact Alison and her deputies by email or see them at the club on Wednesday evenings to let them know which upcoming races you’d like to be registered for and you will be entered as part of a club booking – which means you won’t have to complete any forms! (Payment is required at the time of entering.)

Alternatively, you can enter direct by downloading entry forms via the fixtures list above.

How do I get my race number?

TRC numbers
What’s your number?

You collect your race number at registration on the day of the race, whether you entered the race via Alison or direct. Come into the venue (race hq) and find the TRC registration table where Alison (or her deputies) will sign you in and give you your number.

Please note that the TRC registration table will close 30 minutes before the race start. Once signed in you’ll have time to find the bag storage, meet up with the team, visit the loo etc, and do a proper warm up before the start. (If you arrive after the desk has closed there will be no-one to sign you in and you may miss the race.)

If you’ve registered for a race with Alison but find you can’t make it on the day, please ensure you email her and she can refund you your entry fee where possible (according to individual race guidelines). Anyone unable to make it, or turning up later than 30 minutes before race start is likely to have their number re-allocated to other runners wanting to take part.


Truro Running Club blue and amber racing vest
TRC race vest

You must wear your race number on the front of your vest and as a member of TRC you must also wear a TRC race vest. Full details of all TRC kit, including race vests, ordering, etc can be found here.

Anything else you wear is up to you, but if you need advice contact Adrian, head coach, who’ll be happy to help!

Please note that for safety reasons GP rules state that MP3 players must not be used during any GP race and if you do you will be disqualified.