Meet Your Max 2022

Meet Your Max will be held on Wednesday 22nd June 2022. Watch this space for details of Meet Your Max 2022 – details will be posted here and on our Meet Your Max Facebook page.

2021 Meet Your Max Results

Wednesday 23rd June 2021 at Truro Rugby Club

We’re looking forward to runners at Meet Your Max on Wednesday 23rd June.  For Covid reasons, we are only going to have a very short race briefing on the day. So all the information you need should be in on this page. Please give it a good read!

The government’s announcement on 14 June makes no great difference to us because we had always planned the race on the basis that restrictions would still apply and that we would still be in Step 3 of the roadmap (i.e. the restrictions in place pre-June 21 2021).

RACE HQ is at Truro Rugby Club, St Clement’s Hill, Truro TR1 1NY.  (what3words: ///needed.rarely.wiser)

PARKING – there is parking for about 100 cars on site.  If there is overspill our volunteers will direct you either to Penair school 100 yards down the road, or to parking on residential streets nearby.   Please travel together if it’s permissible for you to do so.

SPECTATORS – please don’t bring any spectators to the rugby club site.  We will be able to track and trace runners and volunteers but not spectators.

BAG DROP – no bag drop will be available.  However as the start/finish is right next to where you will park, we hope that most baggage can be left in cars.

LOOS – will be available at Race HQ (Truro RFC clubhouse).

REGISTRATION – will be open at 6pm and close at 6.45.  The race will start at 7pm.   We will give you your race number on registration but please bring your own safety pins if you can.

TRANSFERS – can be done via SiEntries, without charge, via SiEntries, up until midnight on 22 June. No transfers on the day.  Anyone running under someone else’s number will be disqualified.

WATER – As the race is under 10 miles long, the EA’s Covid guidance recommends we do not provide water. However, given the nature of Meet Your Max, which is a challenging course, for safety’s sake we will be providing a water station at mile 3. We would appreciate it though if you could reduce the usage of the water station by bringing your own water/hydration vests. The water station will be manned but staff will keep their distance.  Single-use paper cups will be filled by staff but not handed to you.  There will also be water at the finish where volunteers will serve water in single-use disposable paper cups or you can bring your own cup to be filled.

ROLLING MASS START – Current rules do allow a mass start, provided we keep 1 metre apart.   To avoid any “dwell time” at the start line we will give a very short briefing (by PA) beforehand then will invite you to move to the start funnel at the very last moment, and will then set you off straight away.  Please keep as dispersed as possible until you are asked to come to the starting area. Arrange yourself by average pace (there will be signs to help).  We will give instructions over the PA about when to move to the starting area so please listen out for that. UKA have confirmed to us that masks are not mandatory but you are welcome to wear one at the start if you wish (please don’t drop them as litter afterwards though!).

If you don’t want to do the mass start you are welcome to start in your own time slightly later – there is chip timing so your time won’t be affected, but race positions will be allocated by gun time, not chip time.

DURING THE RACE – whilst running social distancing is runners’ own responsibility and must be respected when overtaking etc.

THE COURSE – The race is a multi-terrain race and there are all sorts of trip hazards: mud, roots, loose stones, uneven ground, etc.  We have been spending a lot of time clearing the course and trying to remove hazards but a multi-terrain race is hazardous by its nature and you run it at your own risk.  A map of the course is available on our facebook page, do feel free to familiarise yourself with the route by running it before race day (but PLEASE do not run the last mile which is on private fields, they are only available for use on the day and we risk having permission withdrawn if people run them at other times).  The race risk assessment is here and the plan is here.

After the water station there is a steep climb followed by a particularly steep, slippery, uneven grassy downhill descent – a marshal will be posted at the top of it to warn you but please

do take extra care there and try to avoid racing down that particular bit!

Please make sure your race number is visible at all times.

HEADPHONES/EARPHONES – of any type are not permitted.  You may be disqualified if you wear them during the race.

FINISH – is in the same place as the start, on the main pitch at Truro RFC.  There will be a wide finish funnel where your time and number will be noted.   Please do not congregate near the finish.

AFTER THE RACE – every competitor will receive a pasty after the race, bananas will also be available. There’s also a Buff multi-functional bandana for every runner, which you’ll be asked to pick up yourselves.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be available from the rugby club’s licensed bar (service seated and outside only, so we hope for a nice day!).   Results will be available by social media asap, we won’t posts paper results lists as it does tend to cause people to crowd round them.

PRIZES – There are prizes for the first 3 runners home in each age category. For the team prize, the first four runners home will count, provided they are wearing club vests and their numbers are visible.

Other than the main trophies we won’t do a formal prizegiving.  If you’ve won a prize and hang around then we may hand them out informally, but otherwise prizes will be distributed via clubs – please could someone from each club volunteer to collect any prizes for their club members.

OTHER COVID THINGS – for Track and Trace purposes we have your details from SiEntries and so you don’t need to “check in” with Truro RFC’s QR code, although it is available.

The UKA asks that everyone racing (as well as volunteers etc) complies with a Participants Code of Conduct. The code for runners is below – please do abide by it.   We have undertaken a Covid risk assessment which can be emailed on request.

If you have any covid symptoms in the days before the race then please do not come; please stay home and follow the usual rules on self-isolation.  

See you on Wednesday!


Full details:

Multi-terrain race from Truro to St Clement and Malpas. Expect road, trail, track, hills and mud, 7pm start. We are very proud of our course which is a true multi-terrain race. The course map is here: (Please don’t run the whole thing before race day as some of it is on private land!)

This will be the first club race in Cornwall since Covid and we’re very excited to see everyone again!

Depending on progress with the Roadmap we may or may not be free of restrictions on race day, but we are committed to being an entirely compliant race. We will do a socially-distanced mass start, although we’ll still allow anyone concerned to start separately a few minutes later if they prefer. Chip timing will be available to facilitate that – although race results will be based on gun time.

We are going to keep a close watch on what measures we will have to take in respect of Covid. We will be emailing all runners before the event with details of what we and you need to do.

This is usually part of the Cornish MTRS series, although not this year as all the other races had to be cancelled. So it won’t form part of a series sadly, but there will be team prizes based on first four runners home from each affiliated club.

The race is run under an ARC licence and is covered by their insurance. We also have a UKA licence 2021-41603.

Refunds – at this stage we can’t see any reason to cancel the race. If the picture changes hugely and we do have to cancel, we will roll entries over to next year, or you can have your entry fee refunded less SiEntries’ fees. However we really dont’ want to cancel and would only do so if the law or guidance says we must, or if landowners withdraw permission.

All runners get a pasty and a buff. Please indicate on the form if you are vegetarian or vegan – or if you just don’t like pasties!

We probably aren’t going to accept entries on the day as it’s one less covid-compliance issue to deal with. So please sign up online by the closing date of Monday 21 June.

Over 18s only – it’s a tough course, but more importantly our licences only cover adults.


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