Trevornick 10, 2014 – report from Claire Longman

I was determined that 2014 was to be the year I ran the Trevornick 10. I can’t remember why I didn’t run it in 2013 but in 2012 I was injured and in 2011 I had only just joined the Club. In all 3 previous years I had come along to support the TRC contingent and every year I had said I would run it the following one. So this was to be the year. Why then did I decide it would be sensible to do the Wednesday night plyometrics session at the Club?! It hurt on the night, wasn’t actually too bad on Thursday but on Friday I could barely walk down the stairs and I really thought I was going to miss out on this race again! However Saturday was a bit better so by Saturday night I decided to forego the wine and set myself up for the race in the morning.

I felt ok the next morning as I drove to the race. It was a clear morning but very windy. I arrived in plenty of time and found some of the TRC crew and got my number. Some had run this race before but I was a newby as well as Nigel. Everyone was saying that I would love the race and I was really looking forward to it, if only my quads were up to it – time would tell!

I set off and enjoyed just settling in to a nice pace out of the campsite and around the first fields. Then we headed down towards Porth Joke car park, one of my favourite spots from my childhood, the quads were tight going downhill but otherwise it felt ok and when we hit the first uphill slope I didn’t feel too bad at all, I did still need to slow to a walking pace before the top though. We then came across the fields towards Crantock then came back again towards the beach at Porth Joke. We ran across the top of the beach then up the steep coast path the other side. Then there was a lovely stretch on the coast path, pretty much all the way to Holywell which was very blustery but absolutely beautiful. Then we headed back inland, back down to the Porth Joke car park then up a ridiculous slope to the fields again then a steady run back to the campsite. I managed to up the pace in the last mile and was very pleased to cross the line in just under 1hr30 although my Garmin did read slightly less than 10 miles but we won’t tell anyone that!

At the finish line I saw Rob and Mark and they asked me why I had such a big smile on my face and I said I had loved the race. Neither of them had enjoyed it much – I think they were running so fast the view must have been blurred!! But I did really love it and it is definitely one for next year’s calendar too!

As Hana wasn’t there I will just briefly tell you that the toilet and shower facilities were brilliant at the campsite, no queue for the loos before the race and a nice hot shower afterwards. The goody bag was fantastic too, a nice looking water bottle, a great pair of running socks, a banana, Kit-Kat and bag of crisps, just the job!



The Trevornick 10 – 2014