Brown Willy Run

Thank You!

Mega big super shiny thanks to all of you…
🌟We raised £1800 for charity!!🌟
To be split between Cornwall Search and Rescue and St Petrocs 😀
Happy New Year xx

An Apology

The organisers would like to apologise for the weather and the amount of sunshine during the 2018 event and actually being able to see the view from the top of Brown Willy. Rain, sleet, fog and snow was ordered but our suppliers let us down. Fortunately, the mud supplier did us proud and we hope you enjoyed that part of the run.

In other news, 398 of you made it to the top and back and to quote the more wind blown race director “Don’t know how much we’ve raised for charity yet but it’s bloody loads!! ❤️❤️

2018 Pictures

Eleventy Billion pictures here.

Thank you Bridget Funnell.

Twenty Zillionay more pictures here.

Thank you Louise Shipton.

New Year’s Day 2018 – 11:00am

Under UK Athletics Rules SEAA Multi-Terrain Permit

The Jamaica Inn, Bolventor, PL15 7TS

Route Map

Parking at Jamaica Inn and in the surrounding roads. Please follow directions from the marshals. Entry on the day only by donation. Every penny goes to charity.

THE New Year’s Day run, from outside Jamaica Inn every year. Probably the best hangover cure ever! 

Running up the Tor, NYD 2015

Reaching the top of Brown Willy, the highest point in Cornwall, New Year’s Day 2015


For those not familiar with the event, Brown Willy is noted as the highest point in Cornwall and this well signed, informal run (not a race unless you want to make it one) of about 7 miles, will take you on to mostly open moorland, which may be wet, slippery, boggy or frozen, and it’s steep in places. Even when it doesn’t feel too cold at Jamaica Inn, it may be freezing and blowing a gale on the top of Brown Willy, so runners should come appropriately dressed.

Although it’s for all standards of runner, it is for runners not walkers, but dogs are welcome if kept under control at all times: i.e. on their leads.

Brown Willy Run 2015

Starting outside Jamaica Inn, 2015

Registration is held just inside the pub next to the car park. You’re required to register before the run by leaving your name and emergency contact number, then tick the ‘Out’ box. On your return, you need to tick the ‘Back’ box, so that we know you’re safe.

Jamaica Inn

Jamacia Inn, image © Jamaica Inn

Jamaica Inn

The Jamaica Inn generously open their doors to us, and the club asks everyone to be considerate, and change out of muddy footwear and clothing before coming back into the pub where the bar and restaurant are open serving coffee, snacks and great food. A warm welcome always awaits you by the crackling log fire in the front bar, where you can compare notes with friends, or tell tall stories to family and friends that were sensible and stayed in the warm! In short, it’s the perfect way to start any New Year.

Brown Willy Run 2015

Running across open moorland

Parking and facilities

We use the main car park at the Jamaica Inn and the large overflow car park adjacent is available too. Whilst facilities are limited, there are toilets but NO showers or changing rooms. You’ll have to be brave and use the car park:  the rain will wash you off and the wind will dry you out!

Raising Money for local charities

The run has never had an entry fee, just a request to consider a generous donation to our charity box. The 2017 run raised an amazing £2,300, which was divided between Cornwall Search & Rescue Team, who turn out every year to ensure our safety, and Ellie’s Haven in Looe.

Final note and Acknowledgements

The Brown Willy Run is NOT a race. However, being first to the summit and back is usually hotly contested. Remember always that your health and safety is the most important thing. Take care of yourself and your fellow runners. The emphasis is on a no formalities social run in an unique environment. Good fun and good company to start the New Year.

Brown Willy run

Alison Joslin, 2015 – one of the many Marshals and volunteers who make this a safe run for everyone every year

We are permitted to have access to the land by the kindness of the landowner, the Commoners and the tenant farmers. Please be respectful of this consideration.

Many thanks, as always, to the continued support of the Jamaica Inn and to Richard Willson, organiser and Director of this special run until he handed over the reins to Stu Musson and Beth Key in 2015.

Brown Willy Run 2015

Richard Willson and Helen Dodwell, 2015

We look forward to your company in 2018 so make sure you put the Brown Willy Run in your diary today! If you have any queries or concerns, please email Run Directors Stuart Musson / Beth Key for further information:



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