Welcome to Truro Running Club

If you’re thinking of becoming a member or have recently joined the club this page should help you with any queries you may have and will help you find your way around the site.

What can the club do for me?

  • Provide individual running schedules and coaching advice
  • Provide club night schedules and coaching advice for each running group
  • Supply information about local and distant races, co-ordinate race entries and make car-sharing arrangements
  • Give informal advice on running form, diet, shoes and clothing, and on injuries, and how to avoid them
  • Supply a wide variety of running kit and clothing (but not shoes)
  • Enable you to meet other runners of similar experience and interests
  • Introduce you to a variety of runs, including some rural ones with interesting scenery, all within easy reach of the club
  • Provide an opportunity to socialise with other members of the club at the Rugby club on club nights, or on one of the club’s regular social evenings or events

What are the benefits of full membership?

Full membership benefits include affiliation to UK (England) Athletics (which provides certain Liabilities Insurance cover whilst training with the Club and taking part in events as an affiliated club member – details obtainable from the Membership Secretary). The UKA affiliation year starts on 1st April each year. Affiliated members receive an England Athletics Competition Licence (card) usually in May or June and generally this also entitles holders to enter races at a reduced cost as well as discounts at some local sports stores. Full membership of Truro Running Club also includes Associate membership of Truro RFC.

How old do I have to be to join?


Do you have a form I need to fill in if I want to join?

Yes, you can download it from the ‘Join Our Club‘ page.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription rates are published on the ‘join or renew‘ page.  If you decide to enter any races you should be aware that race organisers charge each individual entrant, but if you run as a member of TRC you will be entitled to a discount.  National race entries can very from £4 to around £20 often depending on the size and/or prestige of the event, but generally include a memento of the race (medals, t-shirts, etc) and ‘goody bag’ with mementos from race sponsors.

When and where does the club meet?

Mondays Group social run 6.30pm Truro Rugby Club carpark Usually around 5 miles – check TRC’s Facebook Group for details each week.
Tuesdays WalkRun group 6.00pm Boscawen Park, Truro Suitable for beginners, we walk/run on mainly flat and quiet roads for about 45 minutes.
Wednesdays MAIN CLUB NIGHT 6.30pm Truro Rugby Club clubhouse A range of road and offroad runs at different distances, typically 4 to 8 miles at around 8 to 12 min/mile paces. Run the distance you want at the pace you want. Performance sessions often available too – check TRC’s Facebook Group for details each week.
Saturdays Group social run 9.00am Boscawen Park, Truro Informal 6 mile ish run.
Saturdays Trelissick parkrun 8.45am Trelissick National Trust carpark Organised 5k parkrun event every Saturday, run starts at 9am but meet early for briefing. Register for parkrun here.

This site includes full information on club runs and a map of how to find the Rugby Club.

Who does what and who should I contact with particular enquires?

You can use the committee members page to help you spot who’s who on club nights as well as find out what they do and what their email addresses are.  You can also contact other club officials by email.

Other than club nights what other opportunities are there to run with a group?

Many of the club’s runs are listed in the training section of the site, but other opportunities do arise and it’s likely you’ll first hear about them on a Wednesday club night.

A note from Adrian Tyas our Head Coach:

The coaching team at our club want to ensure that you achieve your training goals in a fun and safe environment and it does not expect anyone wishing to train at the club to be of a particular standard of running ability when they come along to take part in the club’s training nights.  We understand that individuals have all sorts of reasons for taking up, or for doing running, and we strive to assist experienced and total novice runners alike to gain the most from their training.

You can take part in coached training sessions or go on group runs and we also have an experience Level 3 coach who can design specific training schedules for your personal training needs eg a marathon training program.

If you’re not too sure what to eat, drink, or wear to optimise your running performance, we’ll be more than happy to advise you on these very often overlooked aspects of a runner’s training regime, including flexibility and recovery/rest.

We also strongly believe that coaching should be athlete centred and that our coaches need to listen to their athletes and respond positively to any feedback they receive from them.

So please make sure you utilise your club coaching team as much as possible, as we’re all runners ourselves of varying abilities and backgrounds and we hope you enjoy running as much as we do.

Will I feel safe and secure?

The Club is committed to ensuring that all members feel comfortable and secure whilst running. We appreciate that some runners, particularly women, feel vulnerable when on their own and for this reason we try to make certain that all runners are “buddied up”.  We also insist that all runners wear some form of reflective or “hi-viz” clothing whilst running on dark evenings.

Can I run on club runs with my dog?

Sorry but no. No matter how well behaved your dog is, s/he is a potential trip hazard to both other club members and members of the public.

You can run with your dog on a short lead at Trelissick parkrun every Saturday at 9am.

Is it ok if I run on club runs wearing my earphones/headphones?

No, sorry. If you’re listening to music you may not properly hear instructions from our run leaders and you may fail to hear warnings about traffic or engine noises, putting yourself at risk of injury. Our club runs are also intended to be sociable runs so ditch the earphones/headphones and chat with your co-runners!


What facilities are there at the club house?

On Wednesday evening there are showers and changing facilities available (for men and women) and the bar is also open. Being an associate member of Truro Rugby Football club also gives you the opportunity to go to the club house whenever it’s open to enjoy the bar and the company!

How do I enter a race as a member of the club?

Truro running club has a dedicated Race Entry Co-ordinator, Alison Joslin, for all Grand Prix Events or you can enter yourself via on-line racing forms. If you wish to enter a race that is not part of the Grand Prix you will have to enter yourself individually, but to run as a member of Truro Running Club (and wear the TRC club vest – ie as an ‘affiliated’ runner) you will require your United Kingdom Athletics ‘unique reference number’ which will be assigned to you when you become a full member of the club. The Race Co-ordinator or Membership Secretary, Nick Jeans, can supply you with this number. Many races in and out of county are listed in the column on the right with links to their websites.

What is this Grand Prix series I keep hearing about?

It’s a series of races in Cornwall where local clubs compete with each other.  There’s no obligation to take part whatsoever, but if you are interested in racing for the club you can find out all you need to know on the GP page, including a list of all the races and dates and how to enter via our Race Co-ordinator.

Where do I get the club kit?

You can order kit online and collect it at the club on Wednesday evenings from the The kit Manager, Jacquie Brown. Current stock includes new Ron Hill club running vests as well as a variety of training tops, crop tops,  track suits, kit bags etc, and the stock lines are expanding to include new hoodies, rain jackets and various other kit. We don’t do running shoes, but Tony Pryce Sports in Truro town centre will give TRC members a 10% discount.

Remember club vests must be worn for all Grand Prix races.

Are there any social events I can join?

Anyone can stay for a pint and a chat after Wednesday’s club run, but we also meet regularly on the first Thursday of the month at various pubs in town.  Each venue is suggested and chosen by members that have been to the previous get together.  A new pub/bar each month means an opportunity to find somewhere you may never have been to before, a chance to try different beers (if you’re over 18!) and meet different members.  Recently we’ve met at The Old Ale House, The Rising Sun and taken part in the pub quiz at The Crab and Ale.  We also have summer bbqs on a nearby beaches and a Christmas celebration.

Where can I find out about the history of the club?

A very brief history can be found on the Welcome page, but if you want more detailed information you can contact the club’s Treasurer Adrian Tyas who was a founding member.

What are the club’s aims?

  • To enjoy our running, perhaps make new friends and running partners
  • To keep ourselves motivated
  • To help us achieve our running goals whatever they may be in the company of fellow runners

What do I do if I have any more questions?

You can use the general enquiries form and the web manager will ensure it’s forwarded to the most appropriate person to answer it for you.

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