Club Runs and Training


Our routes are planned by our team of coaches and each week the runs are led by the coaches or qualified Leaders in Running Fitness who know the routes well and can offer advice about terrain, distances, what to wear, etc.  We offer varied distances and terrain to suit people of all abilities, from road running to local trails. In the summer months we often go off-road around the creeks at Malpas, but in winter tend to stick to the town centre streets where it’s well lit, although we also offer a monthly off-road torchlight run as an alternative for anyone that wants to join in. If you have any suggestions for routes please speak to the coaches, who also organise regular ‘rave runs’ – runs recommended by our members.


Maps of some of our regular routes can be found at the bottom of the page.

Monday evenings 6.30pm

This is an official club night and the group meets (and finishes) in the Rugby Club car park for a recovery run.  Everyone is welcome to come along and join in.  No matter what ability you are, there will be someone to run with and experienced runners will be on hand for advice and encouragement.  The distance is determined by the runners that turn up on the night, but are generally from a distance somewhere between 4 miles and 6 miles at a pace that suits the whole group.

Tuesday evenings – Walk/Run Group 6:00pm

Adrian Tyas runs this group who meet at 6.00pm every Tuesday in the ATS car park, Newham Road, Truro and the whole session lasts about 45 minutes. If you’re thinking of joining this group, please read the full details here and then contact Adrian as detailed.

Wednesday evenings 6.30pm

MAIN CLUB NIGHT. Meet in the club house for a 10 minute meeting before the session. A coached session is usually planned, along with group runs ranging from 4 – 6 miles.  Runners of all abilities are encouraged to come along: new runners or those recovering from injuries will find support in the Foundation Group (around 3 miles); improvers will find slightly longer runs beneficial in the Improvers Group (about 4-5 miles); competitors and faster runners will generally run about 7 miles and the coached session is available to everyone regardless of ability.  Meet back at the clubhouse where you can have a glass of water, shower or socialise at the bar!

Wednesday Night Training Programme

  1. Weds 9th September – –  Scawswater Runs  3.4 miles , 4 , 6 or 8 Miles OR Track Session ??
  2. Weds 16th September – . Out and Back on Newham Trail 15/20/25 Minutes .  OR Track Session??
  3. Weds 23rd September –  “Hoe Down” Meet and Greet Run on St. Clement Loop (Last light night) or  Track Session
  4. Weds 30th September – Moresk Loops.  3.5 , 4.6 , 5.9 or 7.3 miles.
  5. Weds 7th October – Hillies . 4 , 5 or 7 miles. Option of Torch Run.
  6. Weds 14th October –Weds 21st October –  City Centre Loops 3.2 , 4 , 5.5 or 6.8 miles or Performance Session.
  7. Weds 21st October – Out and Back Runs to Treliske using new bike path – 20/25 Mins O+B.
  8. Weds 28th October – Moresk Loops (Backwards) 3.5 , 4.6 , 5.9 or 7.3 Miles

NB You must wear high viz clothing in the winter months

Thursday evening performance sessions 6.30pm

Performance Coach Kev Harding will be running the following sessions  designed to improve speed and endurance.  They are particularly valuable to runners that wish to race, but everyone is welcome no matter what ability – however, be warned that the sessions are hard and you’ll be going home tired!

September and October Schedule:  

TBC – speak to Kev

Saturday Mornings 9am

Meet at Boscawen Park. An informal largely off-road run for varying abilities able to run 6+ miles (so not for complete beginners!).  Numbers vary from one to a dozen,  and runners run at their own risk. Good company, usually routed through Malpas, St Clement and Park farm; about 50 minutes to an hour duration (6.1 miles).  For details email the head coach.

Sunday Mornings, Bissoe Trail (from Devoran Car Sales on the A39), 9am (winter months only)

This is a marathon training group doing an out and back run along the trail that increases a little in distance each week. Mixed abilities, all welcome. No coach/leaders in this group and runners run at their own risk. Speak to Nick Jeans at the club for details.


City Centre Loops

City Centre Loops - click to view

City Centre Loops (4 distances) – click to view

The City Centre Loops are also available to view/download from some of your favourite running sites as follows:

City Centre Loops 3.0 Miles GPX Strava RunKeeper MapMyWalk MapMyRun
City Centre Loops 3.9 Miles GPX Strava RunKeeper MapMyWalk MapMyRun
City Centre Loops 5.5 Miles GPX Strava RunKeeper MapMyWalk MapMyRun
City Centre Loops 8.1 Miles GPX Strava RunKeeper MapMyWalk MapMyRun


Hillies - click to view

Hillies ( 4 distances) – click to view

Moresk Loops

Moresk Loops - click to view

Moresk Loops (4 distances) – click to view

St Clements Loops


St Clements Loops (4 distances) – click to view

Scawswater Loops


Scawswater Loops (4 distances) – click to view

Walk Run Group – Malpas

Malpas Walk/Run route (1 distance) - click to view

Malpas Walk/Run route (1 distance) – click to view

Many thanks to Colin Bathe for mapping the routes.

2 comments to Club Runs and Training

  • Jackie Hay

    Hi, I’m interested in joining a running club.I would like to come along one evening if possible. I can do Monday evenings as i work late Wednesday evenings.
    If you could let me know the details that would be great.
    Thanks Jackie.

  • Hi Jackie, just turn up in the Rugby Club car park a little before 6:30; there’ll be a small (ish) group of runners there – go over and say hi! (They like to leave for the run on time at 6.30 and there’s usually a coach or Leader with them who can introduce you to the group.) The run is usually around the town centre where it’s well lit, but please wear something reflective or hi viz if you have it :). If you’re on Facebook, come and join us there as our coach usually posts details of the route etc each week.